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Force Of Life Prequel
From The Melvin Time Chronicles

Force Of Life

Teenager Melvin Travis is about to graduate high school. He's filled wth questions about the future and has no plan for acheiving anything. Unwilling to confront the obvious, his life is soon to be forever shaped by forces he cannot control.


From The Melvin Time Chronicles


Melvin "John" Travis is disgusted with the world. He doesn't care for humanity and prefers to be answerable only to himself. He has his existence all figured out until fate drops Tom Soren, who disappeared 20 years ago, back into his lap.

Tom tells Melvin of a secret project to develop reverse time technology whereby anyone's life could be wiped away from ever existing, resulting in the undoing of every action that they've ever done. Ordinarily, the consequences of this would be far too dangerous to use, but Tom holds the key to protect the bigwigs of the world and is a hunted man because of it.

Realizing the dangers, and wanting to help his only friend, Melvin begins a crusade to wipe time reversion from existence hunted by the FBI, the developers, and several dark figures.

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3 Lifetimes In 1: A True Story About Change And Redemption

This book is Mark Wayne Allen's memoirs about his life. Coming from a normal background of a fun-loving, active kid, he has withstood many trials of life and has had to begin his life again, not once, but twice.

A tragic car wreck would force him to leave the innocence of childhood behind at just 12 years of age. His survival was only by Miracles. Physical healing would take months, but the traumatic events would force him to rethink his life.

Some years later, he would suffer a major head injury, but the loving God that had protected him with Miracles through the first disaster would protect him again. See these Miracles through Mark's eyes and the full revelation of his change and redemption.

"You gave us a glimpse into your world of why you are now in a wheelchair for life. You chose to go ahead and tell the truth in order to perhaps help others get past those dreadful seasons of coping with all of those hidden emotions. You triumphed through all the obstacles, even though it was not easy to do so. This is your story of victory that I pray will motivate and encourage others.

Your story is proof that life is not over for the quadriplegic, it is a new season to adjust to and keeping moving forward. "

Sudie Landry
Writers' Guild of Acadiana

3 Lifetimes In 1” the story of his life in despair, is courageously told and very focused with genuine emotion, capturing the attention of the reader throughout the entire book. A vivid memoir with great clarity and detail, tells an unforgettable survival story.”

Gwendolyn Reasoner, PhD
National Award Winning Author, “Where Did the Day Go?”


3 Lifetimes In 1

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Star Siege

Imagine waking up in the midst of a catastrophe. You don't know who you are or why someone tried to kill you. That is the exact situation that Ted finds himself in. He doesn't know what to trust or even why he is rescued by a space cruiser. The cruiser just happens to be on its way towards the biggest calamity in recent star history. Is he a good guy or a bad guy and is he in any involved in the terrorist act on a planetary scale. All the answers to his life and the people around him lie in future time.

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Watch for my next novel "Inalienable Rights: From The Melvin Time Chronicles".




Bayou Writer's Group Anthology
Vol. 1

Whether it’s space academy, finding God, fighting wars, or bringing your cat to a psychiatrist, life takes us many interesting places. Some roads we choose. Some are chosen for us. But all have to be traveled. Join Bayou Writers Group as they explore life’s journeys in their new anthology.

BWG Anthology Vol. 1

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Bayou Writer's Group Anthology
Vol. 2

Slice is cut of everything from sncient civilizations to romance with a dash of poetry mixed in. Some slices of life are by circumstances, others are chosen. Join Bayou Writers Group as they once again explore the slices of the universe n their second anthology.